Sunday, June 27, 2010


I had to take some pictures of Reese in her new dress!!! She so cute!! Today was a really good day. We took a trip to Michaels & Petsmart. Everyone came along with me :) I'm making a blanket for both the babies to match there bedding set so I had to run into Michaels and get yarn. Sean got a few nick nacks and Reese got some heart shaped bracelets. I also picked up some matching cards for Sean and a dino & butterfly to paint during the week. We headed over to Petsmart. Sean loved the kittens. I think Adam & I decided that will be his frist pet a kitty cat as he likes to call them. Had some Checkers for lunch. I love their seasoned fries. Then hubby & I killed some Zombies on Left 4 Dead. Yes, you are hearing this right I play video games. Hey, I figured you can't beat em join em and it's tons of fun too. Yesterday, was Devon's 1st birthday. I can't get over that he's one already. Nuts.. Here a one of my favorite shoots.

Well here we go into another week. Nothing to exciting about this week besides getting to watch my favorite threesome on the big screen Bella, Edward, & Jacob. Eclipse at 12am with my sissy on wednesday night. Her & I are going to watch both Twilight & New Moon again before we go see Eclipse. Yes we are dorks, but we don't care. I totally read Second Short life of Bree Tanner. She reminded me a lot of my own sister. Love you Jes!

My Grandfather, Grandmother, Aunt, Two Uncles, and cousins are all coming into town on July 2nd. More family events super excited.

Maybe I need to make a point to do some photography this week I've been slacking!!!

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