Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Potty Training Day Two & Teething Fever Baby!

Day two has gone off with a bang!!! He's has gone pee pee twice all by himself and also managed to keep all the pee inside the potty. HOORAY!!! Here a couple pictures of him going down for a nap. I don't know why he always gives me squinty eyes. I've been putting him down for a nap & bedtime with diaper. He totally gets a kick out of me taking pictures of his toys so this one is for Sean. My house is always cover in little match box, shake N go cars, dino, and yes the list goes on.

One step at a time :) Reese on the other hand has been running a fever poor thing is teething pretty bad. I couldn't even squeeze a smile out of her this morning, but after her nap she all smiles again. Here a funny picture of her chewing on her paci and wear a wash cloth on her head. I've been putting cold water on a wash cloth and putting it on her head all morning seems to help her. My baby girl is up on her hands and knees. Also, she is rocking back and fourth so any time now she'll be mobile! Oh no! Well now I need to focus and edit pictures, but I'll be back on to tell you how the rest of the day goes. Toddles for now!

To wrap up the rest of the day it went amazing. Potty Training Day two no accidents. I am so proud of him. Reese has finally broke her fever. It poured and rained from dinner time to night time. We had an amazing light dinner. Shrimp covered in butter and garlic with a side of Trees & Cheese (as Sean calls them).

Tomorrow is our second shot at a newborn session. Wish me luck! Talk to you tomorrow. Nite for now.


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