Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Rug Rats!!!

Here is a picture of Sean trying something new for lunch peanut butter and carrots. Yummy. Of course he gives me funny faces and tells me no more pictures Mommy. Ugh Toddlers!!

Here a sweet pictures of Reesie Cup sleeping. I woke up Sunday to her sleeping next to me. It was the sweetest moment ever. She woke up early and Daddy let her hang out in bed with us while he watched sport news and I kept sleeping. She tried to attack me, but I set the covers over my head. LOL. Looks like she finally gave up.
Reese is now 10 months and Sean is 29 months. Where does the time go?!?! Princess is trying her hardest to start walking pulling herself up on everything. So funny the other night she pulled herself up in her crib and she couldn't or was scared to get back down so she started crying. She loves dancing, put on music and she'll just start bouncing. Sean is getting so big before my eyes. He's starting to speaking more clear. He's so sweet to his little sister. Anytime I ask him if he wants to do something his return question sissy do it too. It's melts my heart to see him so sweet on her. He's daddy's boy for sure though. This morning before we headed out on our walk he asked if he could have a hat like sissy. I searched through Adam's drawers looking for a hat and we found a longhorn beanie. He laughed and showed me the longhorn symbol. He wore that hat the whole trip. I promise I'll post more pictures of the babies. Just busy with getting things together for the big move and doing shoot left & right!!

"Trash the Dress Shoot out"

Saturday we had a Trash the Dress shootout with my Photography Naples Club. It was an absoulte blast!! 36 photograpers and 16 models!!! My team mates were Megan & Angie which was perfect. We just used reflector to pull off the lighting. My models names were Christina K, Brittaney K, Raquel W, Anayma , Michelle, Shoshana, Melinda, and Caroline. Make-up & Hair was done by David Frohmberg, Michele Galoppu, Carol from Salon International and much more!!

The heat index for that day in the shade was 104 degrees can you say hot!!! When I got home I was covered in cuts, sweat, and swamp water. I was a hot mess, but had the time of my life. We were shooting for four hours straight, but it felt like an hour. We even made into the Naples Daily News! I must give a special thanks to all the models for getting up early getting their hair done and make, then sitting out in the heat in wedding dresses. All you ladies did amazing and I couldn't thank you enough for giving us opportunity. I will have tons of picutures to share.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Our Big Move!

Dear friends, family, & blog addicts,

We are making life decision lately and when it came down to it we are sorry to say we are leaving the sunshine state behide. Adam & I have weighed the pros & cons on our decision and we've decided that we are moving to Oklahoma. We are doing this to change the future for our children. We just can't make a living here no matter how hard we try. Two business and nothing to show for either of them. No one really hire around here either. We are going to pack up our lives and move them out to Okla. It's a scary thing for me to actually sit down and think about, but when it's all said and done I'm sure I won't regret my decision. Why Oklahoma you ask? Well there a number of reason for going out that way. Adam Mom, Stepdad, Grandmother, Cousin, & so on live in Oklahoma. Two, good old country life away from the ever expanding Southwest Florida. Three, somewhere safe for our children. Every single month another kid goes missing or even better yet my car got broken into and we live in a gated community! I know your saying to your self it happens everywhere, but keep in mind that it's doesn't happen all the time in other places. Four, weather, season, snow I'm just excited to play in the snow with my children. I've only seen in once my whole lifetime. Yes, I know it gets to be annoying after a while and what not, but let me figure that out for myself. Five, Jobs are endless out there and we can't say that about here. Five, Living cost is way cheaper. To Rent a house can cost anywhere between $400-$700 which here is at least $1,000-$1,500. Six, photography would be easier for me to make a name for myself out there considering there only about 2 photographers out there. Seven, my mother in law could help baby sit the babies while I help bring the bread home and get a part time job. I could go on and on, but don't get me wrong there is some down parts of moving out there, such as, leaving my mommy, sisters, uncles, aunt, cousins, Adam's Dad, old friends and my new photography friends. Considering Florida is the only thing I know since I was born, I'm going to be a bit lost out there in a new state. Don't worry about me I will figure it out and be just fine. We are going to be leaving about November. I feel bad for all the heartache we've caused with my mom & his dad, but I know they understand. So with this all off my chest. Here to new beginnings in a new state!


Newborn *J*

Monday, August 23, 2010

Reese the lil angel!

Baby *A*

I had the pleasure to take pictures of this sweet baby boy. He didn't want to sleep like I hope, but we still got some cute pictures! Congrads on your little man!!

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