Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Playin in Mommy's Room

Sean playing with the lion teddy.

She wants to stand so badly.
Her favorite toy she didn't even notice me with the camera.

Sean's getting the dino to eat the lion.
She's a silly girl.
Look at all those fuzzy on the duck.
Baby Van Gogh.

Mad sister was playing with his teddies.
What my room looks like on a daily bases.
They crack me up!
Here sissy you want these!
My new plant.

Today we had some serious play time in my room. I got some pictures of course :) This week so far isn't to bad. I started counting calories and exercising more. Babies & I take a walk every morning, then I do some Insanity Abs and stretching. I'm starting to feel good. To bad Kombuca is no where to be found. It was taken off the shelves because of the alcohol amount. Hubby & I have been trying to try other means of Raw to Organic energy drinks. Yesterday, we had a visit for Aunty Erin it was really nice catching up and burying the hatches. Today, Uncle Pat stopped by to catch up and see the babies. He got me a plant super excited about it. So pretty. I'll upload some pictures for you. It's called a Vermilion. Hubby been having a tough week. I feel bad wish there was a way to cheer him up. Tomorrow I have a photography club session, Thursday I'm doing Melissa & her babies shoot, and Saturday a newborn shoot with Mr. Andrew!! I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this. I finally getting through my Vampire Academy books that I got from Christmas by Rochelle Mead. Let me tell you this I think they match up with Twilight or even better at some times. I need to focus and get through my photography school two more lessons and three photo project. Adam has told me I should try to get it done by December I agree!! Well, I'm off to try and start a newborn hat for the shoot on Saturday! I got new angel wings and green wee womb which I'm super excited about using. Well enough rambling for now!!


PS please forgive me for all the terrible grammar and everything else I have done wrong in the English language. English wasn't my best subject Science was!

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