Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sweet 15

So June 4th I am doing a quinceta, but I meet up with the sweet 15 girl and did a test run in her dress. She looks like a princess. She loved taking pictures wasn't shy at all. Everyone thought she was getting married kind of funny. Her mom was so sweet! Can't wait to do her party next week!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Babies 1st bath together!

Sean & Reese got to finally take a bath together. It was the sweetest thing ever. Sean was sharing his bath toys with sissy and everything. I decided that putting Reese bath tub into Sean tub would work wonders. It did. Here a couple cute pictures of the two of them.

Here also a couple from the beach. Sorry I haven't been blogging just been so busy!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Janet Bridal Shoot

Yesterday about 1:00pm I did a bridal shoot for my soon to be step-mother in law. Wow thats a mouth full. I hate shooting during the brightest hour of the day, but was the only time the two of us could get together. She had me do this because her mommy is really sick and she wanted her mother to see her in her wedding dress. This was all shoot at Lely Resort. I love the location and this will be added to my location list. Hope you enjoy.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Trash the Wedding Atire!

Sunday morning bright and early say about 6:30am or so I was shooting a Trash the Wedding Atire with Art & Rachel. You never really realize how beautiful, calm, cool, and just amazing it is on the beach that early in the morning.The sky was beautiful mix of different colors for blue, pinks, yellow, & purple. My bride & groom are from my Wedding I did back in March. Rachel had never worn the 1st wedding dress she was going to wear during the wedding. So I thought why not trash the wedding atire. It was an amazing good time. I haven't laughed that hard during a shoot ever. I will say that the chemistry between the two is outstanding. It's just amazing watching the two of them kissing, hugging, and smiling. I invited a fellow Photographer to come share my fun shoot. I had a good bit of different idea in mind, but he also came prepared with some other ideas. We didn't completely trash the dress but we did get it wet & sandy. Can't wait again for another trash the dress session!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reese is cutting a tooth!

Yes you heard the title right Lil miss princess is finally cutting a bottom right tooth. I can't believe it's taken 7 months to get this far. Her brother by now had already 8 or 9 teeth. It was a rough night for both Reese & I, but some how or another we are still smiling. It's not all the way up yet. She right now laying next to me trying to crawl. She just growing up way to fast. Happy 7 month Missy!

Sean last night started a dry cough I wonder if he has allergies, but just in case I hooked up the vic machine in his room. Last night we heard him crying really loudly which isn't something he normally does. So we check up on him and he was point to the vic machine. I think it scared him because it makes a puffing noise. Happy 26 months Bugga lou.

I got to visit my friend Megan last night at the hospital. Baby Isabella Marie is here a whole 4lbs & 13oz. She a tiny peanut compare to my chubby babies. Mommy looks amazing and so happy. Congrads Megan!

Tomorrow is another adventure for me. We are trying to do a Trash the wedding Atire on the beach. Keep your fingers cross that is goes amazing! I actually invited a fellow photographer to join me on the craziness that is about to happen. It's always nice to have a second head for ideas and angles :) Then it's off to GaGa's for us. Pool party & lunch.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy's Studio

Decided to give the studio some time today and took some really cute pictures of the babies. They are so stinkin cute. Sean will now lay down next to his sissy and puts his arms around her for a picture. Only way I get him to pose by himself is FOOD. I just can't believe how big they are getting. Reese will be turning 7 months on the 21and Sean will be turning 26 months on the 22nd.

Our "Cheapskates" is going amazing this week. We've had about an average of at least 3 people a day coming in. Ebay has been rocking like always :) Life is good. Now just crossing my fingers that this oil spill doesn't make it to our coast or to the florida keys cause that will ruin the rest of the summer for sure.

Naples Photography Club

A friend of mines on facebook suggested a photography club. I decided what the heck why not and sign up for a class. I was a bit nervous, but overall it went amazing. Small class size, everyone got a chance, no one pushing you around cause they knew more. The model was so easy going and sweet. I must say I will be taking another class or ten!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sean & Reese

Here some cute pictures from last week and today. Sean so cute he hold his sister now for pictures it totally melts my heart. Sunday was a pretty slow day nothing to new or fun, but we had amazing steak. Thanks Josh! I did get a very vintage chair for studio prop. I need to clean it up but it's going to be perfect for everything! Sean was in a great mood today. He's just getting so big. Sean is so super sweet. He blows kisses to everyone. He is such a lover. Lately toy of choice has been a shovel and a rake. I getting really excited about Key West in July I couldn't begin to tell you how much I need a break away from everything. I have a lot to say but just not enough time.
Talk to you later

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sun & Fun Water Park

Today was Colton's 3rd birthday party. Sean & Reese had a great time. I just had to share a couple pictures from today. Sean was a bit scared of the water at 1st, but once he was comfortable he was laying in his water swimming. Reese had a great time she was splashing. It was the cutest thing ever. When here today recap.

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