Thursday, May 20, 2010

Mommy's Studio

Decided to give the studio some time today and took some really cute pictures of the babies. They are so stinkin cute. Sean will now lay down next to his sissy and puts his arms around her for a picture. Only way I get him to pose by himself is FOOD. I just can't believe how big they are getting. Reese will be turning 7 months on the 21and Sean will be turning 26 months on the 22nd.

Our "Cheapskates" is going amazing this week. We've had about an average of at least 3 people a day coming in. Ebay has been rocking like always :) Life is good. Now just crossing my fingers that this oil spill doesn't make it to our coast or to the florida keys cause that will ruin the rest of the summer for sure.

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