Thursday, May 13, 2010

Long week!

I am sorry that I haven't been on here to update you all on things. This week has been a busy one. I just started with a new schedule with the babies. I found somehow to squeeze in a work out everyday. Yay for me. New schedule is:
Wake up
Milk for both babies
We all change into day clothing
Then some breakfast for Sean & I
Hanging out in the living room
Watch some Elmo
Feed Reese
Lay her down for nap
Sean & I sneak outside
Sean plays in a bucket of water
I do some beachbody insanity for about 45 mins
Then inside for lunch with the babies
Adam comes home for lunch
I head over to the store to do pictures & shipping
Sean & Reese go down for a nap
Head back home
babies wake up from their naps
Play in the living room
Read a book with them
Start dinner
Pick up the house
Eat dinner as a family
Then shower for Sean & Daddy
Reese gets a sink bath
Both get milk
Read another book
Put the babies down for the Night

Of course things get out of sequence once in a while. But overall it's working great and mommy can finally get rid of the baby weight!

Today on Oprah she had Robert, Taylor, Kristin, & Dakota all on for eclipse episode. Saw a couple new parts in the movie. Can't wait for the new Eclipse movie. I will say BREAKING DAWN was my favorite book. I was reading something the other day, Stephanie Myers said if she would add another book to the saga it would be about Reneesme. I really hope she puts another one out. I will say I've picked up reading again it's been amazing. Of course most of my reading is about Vampire and Love. LOL. What can I say I <3 Vampires! I couldn't believe some of those Twifans. Can you imagine how it would be to be in one of there shoes for a day. The Screaming!! But like Kristin said this movie made them in hollywood. It's crazy watching them mature and grow with these films. I think sometime I dwell on the romance between Edward & Bella it's amazing.

Finally, got my third photo project out today. Still need to read two more units and 3 more photo projects. UGH can't wait till it's over. So glad I went to school for photography cause there is things I don't think I would of figured out on my own. Oh for some of you that would like to know what school I'm doing it's New York Institute of Photography.

My new work out is Beachbody Insanity. I will say it's not for most. It's pretty hard core stuff, but the results are a lot quicker. Wish I wasn't so bloated though from Aunt Flow booo. I made a packed with myself that I will have to at least work out Mon-Fri and start eating more fruits and veggies. Right now I can't stand getting rid of my sweets, but if I work out and not eat as much of them then I should be in a happy middle. I've lost two pounds already. Yay. I've really come to peace with my body after having two children and realizing that it will never be the same ever, but you know what I will make it better!


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