Monday, May 3, 2010

Sunday Funday @ GaGa's

After my morning shoot we decided to pack up and head out to GaGa's. We had swim suits, Wii, & the min pins. We got there and all suited up. Pool was a tad cold, but we all got in. This was baby Reese 1st time in the pool. She didn't scream but you can tell she was a little shocked that it was cold at 1st. She sat on the raft and played in the water.Josh, GaGa, Adam and Jackie all had a jumping contest. Here a couple funny action shots. My mom & Adam always seem to get in water fights with each other. We had our 1st scare with Sean falling into the pool thank goodness my mom saw and my sister was right there to grab him out. Sean actually held his breath which I was so glad. I taught him when he was younger how to hold his breath. I would hold him in the pool and blow on his face then dunk him. After a great swim in the pool, we all dried up and ate some lunch. Chips, Guaccomolie, and Subs yum! Thanks mom. Bellies are full now so we all got our Wii on. Jackie & I won twice in a row. It was a great time at my mom house. Wish every Sunday was packed full of special family time like this. Can't wait for the florida keys with the family only 65 more days!

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