Thursday, April 29, 2010

Terrific Thursday

It's been a long week with everyone coming down with runny noses and sore throats. Glad it was a quick bug. No new adventure to mention at this time. Here two really cute pictures I took this week. One pictures is my husband & son having reading time in his crib. I decided one night instead of standing next to the crib reading him a book I would climb into his crib and read to him. The mattress is actually on the floor so don't worry our fat butts won't break his crib. My husband like the idea so he's been climbing in reading him his night time stories. We take reading stories in bed literally! Second picture is my daughter she loves sleeping in our bed and tries to hide under the pillow. She was actually babbling in this picture. I will say one thing I am truely blessed!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Hump Day

I think offically everyone is sick at my house. NO bueno! I played around with a new prop today though. Here a picture of little missy in it. She actually loved sitting in it cause she could sit up better.I also learned a new trick in photoshop today changing backdrops. Here a picture I did about a week ago, but changed the background on it. I'm super excited I finally planned out my beach shoot for Sunday. I think it's going to be amazing. You'll have to stay tune to check it out.

*M* Maternity Shoot

I had a maternity shoot on Monday, but due to this terrible storm that pulled through the power was out for almost 4000 homes and business. I was one of those lucky people to have no power so I cancelled the shoot. The storm was pretty bad it would of been a great day to take pictures of lighting for sure. Tuesday came and went so fast. My 1st offical shoot in my new studio. Usually I do a solid black background for most of my maternity shoots, but this shy mom I did with a white background since her belly wasn't huge. We laughed a lot durning this shoot because my son was throwing pastic balls around her and my daughter was babbling behide me. I'm glad she really enjoyed the pictures.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

My Babies are getting so big!

Today, the babies got new dinner seats. Sean is now at the table and Reese is the high chair. It's kind of cute cause she looks so tiny. I had to stuff teddy bears next to her so she doesn't fall over. She was chewing on her fingers like crazy here a shot!

Couple pictures from yesterday outside. Yes that is ketchup and mustand all over Sean face. Toddlers! The other picture is for my school project. It's called rim lighting. almost close to sun down you can get amazing rimlight just position the object in between you and the sun. The effect is like it's name is does a beautiful outline of the subject from the sun.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Friday

Today we met up with Liam and Amber for a fun time in the sand. Liam and Sean had such a blast. Playing in the sand with all the sand toys. Sean figure out if he took the soccer ball Liam would follow sure enough he did. Liam even waved us goodbye. Even lil Ms Reese had a good time. She loves getting those feet in the sand. She starting to get around a lot easier. I think crawling is around the corner. There was tons of Kite surfers out there today got some pretty neat shots. Wow it looks like one hell of a workout though.

Tonight Reese learned how to blow raspberries back at me. Super cute. I would blow one then she would move around her lips and make the noise. Can't believe how big she getting. Sean learning words left and right. We watch a little bit of Enistein before bed and every single thing that came on he told me the name.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

What a Wednesday

Today my best friend Jenn came over with her baby girl Addison. I was super excited about meeting miss Addison for the 1st time. Jenn moved a couple months after we did, but she moved all the way to Va. It was super sad for all of us. Her husband and mines were actually friends before we met through them. We both have a passion for babies and photography. Gosh I miss her. She looks amazing. Addison was such a pettie little thing and smiles when you talk to her. Reese was all smiles when she met her. I miss you Jenn wish you were still closer.

Twisted Tuesday

Melissa and her 3 babies decided to come over to get some shots done. Well needless to say we got a couple individuals but no group. We tried really hard but it just wasn't going to happen. They wanted to play or crawl around instead. I must say I have a huge respect for child photographers it's not as easy as it looks!

Madness Monday!

I decided to work on pictures Monday in my studio. All I have to say is practice makes perfect. The more I shoot the more I'm getting used to things and better they come out. Have a look! Love my babies for putting up with my shutterfly obsession.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Friday!

So I decided I needed to photography teenagers so I asked my cousin to get one of her good friends and come over. It was a blast a lot of silliness and overall a great time.

Overview of the week, Hubs had to go over to Miami twice this week and been working at our new store non-stop. Saturday we had our 1st official sale and it went amazing. Saturday night we watched The Imaginary of Doctor Parnass and Clash of the Titans. Hubs was a bit upset of Clash of the Titans since he seen the 1st one over a billion times as a kid. Doctor Parnass was Health Lendgers last full movie he did an amazing job so sad that he's no longer around. Sunday we had taco and Wii battles at my little sister house I can't believe she 21.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mini Session

Did a mini session with Reese and Sean today. Have a look!

Beachen Wednesday

Had a great trip with the babies at the beach. Sean loves the sand. It's actually pretty funny he lays on his tummy and makes sand angels.He reminds me of myself sometimes when he's really focused playing in the sand his tongue sticks out. Reese somehow or another always seems to get sand all over her. I usually lay her down on a blanket, but one way or another her foot seems to make it off the blanket into the sand. She seems to really love the texture of it between her toes cause once those little feet are in the sand she moves them like crazy. Here a couple shots.
I added another picture from later that night of the babies watching or must I say stucked into baby enistein!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Totally Tuesday!

I set up my backdrop today cause there was amazing natural light coming out of my living room window. Here is a couple of Reese; she is a total ham. She drooled all over the place, but overall one of the happiest babies.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


My son rememinds me of Linus because he's always dragging around his "inky" (blanket)everywhere. It was cute when we layed him down tonight for bed, he was whinning for his inky. We search all over the house and didn't find it anywhere. I realized that he took it out side with him when we were playing in the sandbox earlier. There it was laying in the grass. LOL.

Baby on Board

I had a maternity shoot this morning. It went pretty well. Mommy was a bit shy and took a while to warm up the camera. Poor thing is ready to pop and is due in a few week. They were so cute as a couple laughing and making faces. Congrads on the baby girl on the way.

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