Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's been a long week and tomorrow is Friday. TGIF. Sean been sick and now hubbys sick. (knocking on wood) I hope that I don't get it. Reese is healthy thank goodness. Yesterday Hubby turned 26 Happy Birthday!! We went out to dinner with his Dad & his Dad's G/f. Fox Borro it was yummy as always I had the buffalo chicken wrap & an amber bock. Little Reese came with us since brother was sick. My sister stayed the night so she kept an eye on him. We most chatted about our new business that is getting on it's way. It's called "Cheapskates" we are selling used & new items. Most of the business will be on ebay. This is also where my studio will be set up at. Yay. Here a couple pictures of the babies this week. Just watching Vampire Diaries right now my new favorite series. If you haven't seen it you should especially if you like hot vampires. Baby awake must go! Nite Bloggers

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