Friday, April 23, 2010

Fun Friday

Today we met up with Liam and Amber for a fun time in the sand. Liam and Sean had such a blast. Playing in the sand with all the sand toys. Sean figure out if he took the soccer ball Liam would follow sure enough he did. Liam even waved us goodbye. Even lil Ms Reese had a good time. She loves getting those feet in the sand. She starting to get around a lot easier. I think crawling is around the corner. There was tons of Kite surfers out there today got some pretty neat shots. Wow it looks like one hell of a workout though.

Tonight Reese learned how to blow raspberries back at me. Super cute. I would blow one then she would move around her lips and make the noise. Can't believe how big she getting. Sean learning words left and right. We watch a little bit of Enistein before bed and every single thing that came on he told me the name.

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