Monday, April 19, 2010

Fun Friday!

So I decided I needed to photography teenagers so I asked my cousin to get one of her good friends and come over. It was a blast a lot of silliness and overall a great time.

Overview of the week, Hubs had to go over to Miami twice this week and been working at our new store non-stop. Saturday we had our 1st official sale and it went amazing. Saturday night we watched The Imaginary of Doctor Parnass and Clash of the Titans. Hubs was a bit upset of Clash of the Titans since he seen the 1st one over a billion times as a kid. Doctor Parnass was Health Lendgers last full movie he did an amazing job so sad that he's no longer around. Sunday we had taco and Wii battles at my little sister house I can't believe she 21.

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