Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Madness

Today I got to see my soon to be studio. Can't wait to get everything up and not worry about breaking it all back down. The studio is the office space of our new family business. It's called "Cheapskates" and we are selling & buying used and new items. At the moment we sell things on ebay, but we needed another place to help double our selling. This place is huge over a 1,000 square feet warehouse. Nothing fancy at all, but it works for the name. I just ordered paper background and filters today. Can't wait to get my hands on a Nikon D300. Really Really want one, but I think I'll enjoy it more if I work hard to save up for one. I think I'm going to the Nikon used. Right now my baby is a Nikon D80 and I'm not complaining it does the job very well.

Sean was super sweet today full of hugs and kisses. After he took his bath and daddy was putting his pj on he looked over at me and said "Hello Sissy, Hello Mommy!" It was the clearest Mommy I've heard from him yet. He melt my heart in so many ways. I'm still in shock how much he loves his little sister. Right now both the babies are asleep. Me time :)

Watched a new episode of Life Unexpected. So addicted to this series. Really like the plot of it so far. Poor Ryan, Kate heart isn't fully in love with Ryan. Lux is such a pretty girl, love her curly hair. I don't know tonight I'm really random.

Oh saw Remember me the other day absoultely loved it. Ending sad. I won't ruin it for you and spoil the movie like someone did for me. Robert Patterson is yummy. Time for me to stop rambling. Figured I check in though. Nite Bloggers!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Hendry 2/28/10

I posted on my facebook that I need pratice with taking family pictures and got tons of feedback on it. I did an amazing family of four "The Hendry". Christy & I went to high school together. It was really nice catching up and getting pratice. We agreed on a place called Freedom park here in Naples, Florida. Wasn't to impress with the park, but we managed with what we had. Her older son was taking direction very well. While little brother was on the go the whole time. Can't wait to do another session with this family.

Sand between the Toes!

Taste of salt in the air, sand between the toes and I can honestly say nothing better then going to the beach. :)

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mini Shoot with the Babies

Today was a late morning for the babies which meant they both slept in. Yay for mommy. So I decided today would be a great day to set up all my studio stuff in the living room. What was I thinking Sean was always two steps behide me checking things out. Finally all set up I figured I give it a try and get both of them to take a pictures together HA! Got a couple okay shoots nothing amazing. Sean wouldn't sit still for more then 5 sec at a time. Reese was trying to eat the blanket which you'll notice her hand missing in one of the pictures. Glad this isn't a real shoot cause man do I have some praticing to do. Here a couple shots. We are hitting the beach later maybe we'll get a picture or two. I'm in trouble when they can tell me NO MORE PICTURES MOM!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Miss Reesie 3/26/10

My little girl learned to flip finally all by herself from her tummy to her back. I can't believe she 5 months already seems like yesterday I was bring her home from the hospital. She been talking up a storm lately. I think I'm going to get an ear full from her when she starts to use words. She yapps for 20min at a time. Can't wait to hear why? why? She found her little feet all she ever does is grab them. Her little legs are always up in the air. Right now I'm laying in bed just listening to her and her father making sweet snoring music together. They crack me up. I never thought having a daughter would be this great. I loved my son and was teriffied about having a daughter because of the stuff I did to my own mom. But just laying here looking at her sleeping so sweetly I can say that I am in love. Everything about her brighten my day. She so super happy, never really cries. I can say my life is complete. A son, a daughter, a husband who's also my best friends, great family and two amazing little min pins. Life is GOOOOOOOOOD!

Sean 2nd Birthday 3/22/10

Two Years ago today a beautiful 9lb baby boy was born at 2:15pm. My life has not been the same it's been better. I can't believe I am saying this, but I have a two year old. Night before his Daddy did amazing job at picking out the presents. I blew up over 35 ballons to spread all over the house. Set up Dinos all over the couch & Tv center. All the presents are wrapped and set on the couch. Next morning he was so happy about the ballons he didn't care less about the presents. ( Note to self wait on the ballons till after the presents ) Finally we got him seated in his NEW Pixar Cars Chair. Aunt Jessie was over early helping us with ebay so she was glad to pitch in and help him open presents. Sand & Water table, shake car, Cars Tent, Cars Chair, Cars Doodle, Dino Tent, Dino Set, Bath Toys, and yes probally a couple more I forgot to mention. Yes he made out like a bandit. But you only turn 2 once :) I set up his tent and Sand & Water Table. He absolutely love the water table glad I changed his shirt before hand. He was soaking wet and of course a bit muddy. BOYS! Finally brought him in for a nap and let me tell you he sat in his crib for hour and half and didn't fall asleep just laided there. I gave up and brought him out and of course the 1st place he runs to is outside. Cousin Erin got him a slide with rock climbing and sport center. Totally neat. Day went on and 6:00 rolled around. His Yummy cake arrived and all the guest were finally here. He had nothing to do with mommy and daddy because his cousin Gavin and cousin Bree were over. Hot dogs, Hamburgers, & GaGa homemade potatoe salad! Finally happy birthday song and cake. Cake was a yummy marble blk & wht cake with strawberry & raspberry filling. Everyone went home and we laided him down to sleep with his Inky (blanket) and he was out not even 2min later. Happy birthday baby boy! I love you!

Wedding 3/21/10

It was a perfect overcasted Sunday which is PERFECT for a photographer no harsh shadows. Yay for me. Walked up to 8th Ave and came up to a huge gathering. Groom was totally nervous wipping his head of sweat and smiling all funny. I started doing my thing and figuring out angles and how I'm going to try to stay out of the way. Finally we started to get on our way the bride pulled up in a black car and a little old man with the cutest hat on came around the side to let out the beautiful bride. As she made her way down the isle you could totally tell she was just as nervous as him didn't know whether to look around or stare at the ground. (Ahh brings back memories of my wedding. I remember not seeing anyone around me, but my sweet husband to be in front wait for me.)The ceremony begins and then it comes to the butterfly releasing. The bride and groom hand out these tiny wht enevolpes with butterflies inside. They say a prayer then whisper there wishes to the butterflies and release them. Way to quick & small for me to capture on film, but the grooms butterfly wasn't ready to spread it's wings and fly away yet. So I take that moment and capture it. Such a beautiful thing. Maybe I'm bias cause I have some werid obession with butterflies. Finally the butterfly flies away. The ceremony goes on and KISS THE BRIDE. Yay. Mr & Mrs Rodriguez! So the bride talked to me the day before about getting the entire wedding guest all together for a picture. GREAT 40 people in a group picture. Wasn't looking forward to that, but some how it all went so smoothly. I couldn't of asked for a better group! I had them jumping in the air and over all it was a great time. I've known the bride since high school and I could tell you this I've never seen her so happy. Well enough rambling from me here a couple pictures! Enjoy! Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful day Mr & Mrs Rodriguez!

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