Friday, March 26, 2010

Wedding 3/21/10

It was a perfect overcasted Sunday which is PERFECT for a photographer no harsh shadows. Yay for me. Walked up to 8th Ave and came up to a huge gathering. Groom was totally nervous wipping his head of sweat and smiling all funny. I started doing my thing and figuring out angles and how I'm going to try to stay out of the way. Finally we started to get on our way the bride pulled up in a black car and a little old man with the cutest hat on came around the side to let out the beautiful bride. As she made her way down the isle you could totally tell she was just as nervous as him didn't know whether to look around or stare at the ground. (Ahh brings back memories of my wedding. I remember not seeing anyone around me, but my sweet husband to be in front wait for me.)The ceremony begins and then it comes to the butterfly releasing. The bride and groom hand out these tiny wht enevolpes with butterflies inside. They say a prayer then whisper there wishes to the butterflies and release them. Way to quick & small for me to capture on film, but the grooms butterfly wasn't ready to spread it's wings and fly away yet. So I take that moment and capture it. Such a beautiful thing. Maybe I'm bias cause I have some werid obession with butterflies. Finally the butterfly flies away. The ceremony goes on and KISS THE BRIDE. Yay. Mr & Mrs Rodriguez! So the bride talked to me the day before about getting the entire wedding guest all together for a picture. GREAT 40 people in a group picture. Wasn't looking forward to that, but some how it all went so smoothly. I couldn't of asked for a better group! I had them jumping in the air and over all it was a great time. I've known the bride since high school and I could tell you this I've never seen her so happy. Well enough rambling from me here a couple pictures! Enjoy! Thank you so much for letting me share your beautiful day Mr & Mrs Rodriguez!

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