Friday, March 26, 2010

Miss Reesie 3/26/10

My little girl learned to flip finally all by herself from her tummy to her back. I can't believe she 5 months already seems like yesterday I was bring her home from the hospital. She been talking up a storm lately. I think I'm going to get an ear full from her when she starts to use words. She yapps for 20min at a time. Can't wait to hear why? why? She found her little feet all she ever does is grab them. Her little legs are always up in the air. Right now I'm laying in bed just listening to her and her father making sweet snoring music together. They crack me up. I never thought having a daughter would be this great. I loved my son and was teriffied about having a daughter because of the stuff I did to my own mom. But just laying here looking at her sleeping so sweetly I can say that I am in love. Everything about her brighten my day. She so super happy, never really cries. I can say my life is complete. A son, a daughter, a husband who's also my best friends, great family and two amazing little min pins. Life is GOOOOOOOOOD!

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