Friday, March 26, 2010

Sean 2nd Birthday 3/22/10

Two Years ago today a beautiful 9lb baby boy was born at 2:15pm. My life has not been the same it's been better. I can't believe I am saying this, but I have a two year old. Night before his Daddy did amazing job at picking out the presents. I blew up over 35 ballons to spread all over the house. Set up Dinos all over the couch & Tv center. All the presents are wrapped and set on the couch. Next morning he was so happy about the ballons he didn't care less about the presents. ( Note to self wait on the ballons till after the presents ) Finally we got him seated in his NEW Pixar Cars Chair. Aunt Jessie was over early helping us with ebay so she was glad to pitch in and help him open presents. Sand & Water table, shake car, Cars Tent, Cars Chair, Cars Doodle, Dino Tent, Dino Set, Bath Toys, and yes probally a couple more I forgot to mention. Yes he made out like a bandit. But you only turn 2 once :) I set up his tent and Sand & Water Table. He absolutely love the water table glad I changed his shirt before hand. He was soaking wet and of course a bit muddy. BOYS! Finally brought him in for a nap and let me tell you he sat in his crib for hour and half and didn't fall asleep just laided there. I gave up and brought him out and of course the 1st place he runs to is outside. Cousin Erin got him a slide with rock climbing and sport center. Totally neat. Day went on and 6:00 rolled around. His Yummy cake arrived and all the guest were finally here. He had nothing to do with mommy and daddy because his cousin Gavin and cousin Bree were over. Hot dogs, Hamburgers, & GaGa homemade potatoe salad! Finally happy birthday song and cake. Cake was a yummy marble blk & wht cake with strawberry & raspberry filling. Everyone went home and we laided him down to sleep with his Inky (blanket) and he was out not even 2min later. Happy birthday baby boy! I love you!

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  1. Put it on my toolbar for easy access. The wedding pictures are great. When we are out there in june I am going to make me/us do some pictures. Doug says our great grand kids won't know us if I don't get some film done. So make me look great. I love you guys!!! Mom


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