Saturday, May 22, 2010

Reese is cutting a tooth!

Yes you heard the title right Lil miss princess is finally cutting a bottom right tooth. I can't believe it's taken 7 months to get this far. Her brother by now had already 8 or 9 teeth. It was a rough night for both Reese & I, but some how or another we are still smiling. It's not all the way up yet. She right now laying next to me trying to crawl. She just growing up way to fast. Happy 7 month Missy!

Sean last night started a dry cough I wonder if he has allergies, but just in case I hooked up the vic machine in his room. Last night we heard him crying really loudly which isn't something he normally does. So we check up on him and he was point to the vic machine. I think it scared him because it makes a puffing noise. Happy 26 months Bugga lou.

I got to visit my friend Megan last night at the hospital. Baby Isabella Marie is here a whole 4lbs & 13oz. She a tiny peanut compare to my chubby babies. Mommy looks amazing and so happy. Congrads Megan!

Tomorrow is another adventure for me. We are trying to do a Trash the wedding Atire on the beach. Keep your fingers cross that is goes amazing! I actually invited a fellow photographer to join me on the craziness that is about to happen. It's always nice to have a second head for ideas and angles :) Then it's off to GaGa's for us. Pool party & lunch.



  1. Love these most recent shots of all of your little ones (including the pups!) And thanks for a great experience at the trash the dress shoot. You are, as always, a joy to work with and I will continue to spread the word about your fabulosity (yes, I do believe I just made that up.) Every artist deserves a shot at their dream, and the more and more that creative people stick together and help each other, the better off they all are. Cheers!

    Rachel R.

  2. Rachel your amazing and thank you for helping me experience my dreams.


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