Thursday, August 5, 2010

Our Morning Walks!

I love my babies!
Sean loves feeding the ducks

Some purple flowers I thought were pretty
Like the colors in this one kind of reminds me of halloween

Yellow flowers that are everywhere in the community

Ducks we waiting for Sean to feed them

Reese was surprise how many ducks that were there.

Sean loves this lion. He always point at this on our walk.

This is how we get around our block for at least a mile 1/2 walk.

This is Sean birthday present from his Grandma in Okla.

She such a pretty little girl.

Pink flowers

Always chewing on something!

I love these purple paints. It's the only girly color I like.

My favorite picture!

Sean picking the flowers of course.

Before our walk.

So hard to get their attention.

Ducks swim in a v formation too. Crazy!

This one kind of pretty!

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