Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend!

Memorial Day Weekend was a pretty packed full of activities. Friday I had a photo shoot for the birthday girl next week. It was pretty fun. Here two of my favorite pictures. Saturday hubs had to work, but afterwords we hung out at the beach played in the sand. Sunday it was pool party at GaGa's (aka my mom. My Uncle, Aunt, & two cousins were there. It was a good time, but I will tell you what the babies were super crabbyapplish when we got home because of how tired they were. Monday we went up to Honda of Ft. Myers for a look around to see what we can do about my car. I really love the newer CRV and of course the Pilot. Maybe this month I'll be driving around in a SUV. Monday afternoon we went over to my father in law g/f family house for BBQ and just sitting around. Monday I totally broke down and played xbox with hubby he was super excited about me playing with him. He's already asked me today to play again tonight. LOL.

Overall we have to remember what Memorial day is truly for which is a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. My thanks goes out to them and there family for everything they gave up for our nation. The picture of the flag isn't my photo, but one of my favorite of the American flag.

This week I have a newborn shoot, I have a shoot with Rachel, and party on Saturday. I'm also going to have my hand deep in urine, I'm training Sean to use the potty this week. I'm crossing my fingers that it going to be easy, but we will have to see. Talk to you all later!

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