Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Eclipse *Warning Spoiler Alert*

Last night my sister & I went to go fight the crowds to see Twilight Saga Eclipse. My favorite threesome.

There were Twi-moms, girls dressed up like vampires, and actually groups of guys. Once they allowed us to go to the threater it was like a rat race who can get the better seat. Of course we got stuck 3rd row from the front, but I wasn't complaining closer to Edward. :)

I wasn't surprised that it was the best of the three movies so far, but how amazing it came out. David Slade & everyone involve did an amazing job. Kristen looked amazing. I loved the new wig I don't understand what everyone was talking about how bad it looked. I think it enhance her inner beauty. Edward killed his part like always he did a great job and he was pretty funny in this one.

Jacob won my heart over in this one. Just watching him laying in the bed at the end of it broke my heart he was in so much pain. Kissing scenes were intense.

Tent scene was perfect in every way it's exactly as I imagine it. I think the fact that this is the third installment that everyone hasn't gotten closer because the emotions seem so real to life and passion. More of Jasper was nice love his accent. Him teaching his family how to fight newborn was awesome. I am sad to think of how far Breaking Dawn is because that was my favorite of the four books. Nov. 18th, 2011 just came seem to get here soon enough. Maybe I'll read the book a couple times over and over.

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