Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Potty Training Day Three!!

Potty Training Day Three went amazing. I can't even explain how easy this has been with Sean. I think he was ready for this. He gets so excited when he pee pee in the toilet. He even helps me clean up. I love him and can't believe how big he is getting right before my eyes.

This morning was a rough one though. Reese was up every 45 mins crying and screaming. It had to be gas cause she was just farting away and I'm sure her teeth aren't making it any better. I was so sleep deprived that I couldn't think straight to save my life. Reese fell off the bed because of my stupidity. I was in tears and crying with her. I feel like such a horrible Mom that I couldn't hold it together this morning when she feel off. It was my fault to start with. I laid her on the bed and didn't put her in the middle like a normally do and she flipped over and crawled backwards off the bed. Thank god she just broke her fall with her butt. It scared her more then anything. Note to self don't ever ever leave the baby unattended on the bed. Hubs came to my rescue with my favorite energy drink called Kombucha Tea. It's all organic drink. It just always picks me up. It's my drug of choice lol :) And it has a lot of health benefit too.

Re-shoot of Isabella Marie today went amazing. Perfect. Again Note to self do newborns out on the patio. It was so warm that she was passed out. It went really well. Finally, meet my photographer buddy Angie. It was nice adult time. We are going to manage to try and have some girl time here and there which I'm excited about. Sean was outside with us he's such an amazing boy he was playing outside in his sand and water table not bothering anyone. He's really good about entertaining himself. I can't wait till Reese is bigger and able to play with him.

Mommy & Reese took a much needed nap this afternoon. Poor thing is still really cranky about the accident this morning. I gave her special loving to make sure she knows I didn't mean for that to happen. I dressed her up like me today it was cute I'll have to post pictures later. Dinner was at Alvino's, it was Itailan Buffet. GaGa, Alan, Jess, Hubs, Sean & Reese. I love family time. It was Yummy. Well I am totally exhausted and wiped out really need to get working on these pictures, but I will check in with you tomorrow.

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