Monday, June 7, 2010

Potty Training Day One!

Potty Training has started today. So far so good. He's gone pee in the big boy toilet once yes some of it was on the floor, but thats kind of my fault. We did a happy potty dance,some mini M&M's, and a phone call to daddy hooray! Just keeping my fingers crossed that it goes this well all day long. I figured if I can potty train my dogs I shouldn't have a problem with my son. I have a busy day of launching stuff on gunbroker and editing pictures from Saturday event. I am blogging to you on the tiolet lol; Sean & I are sitting in here. It feels like my newest hang out area.

Reese is another handful yes I did it to myself. She sleep like an angel when she in my bed, but when it comes to her bassinet she has nothing to do with it. She falls asleep on her it's just where when it comes down to it. I would love to have her sleep in her crib, but she wakes up at least twice a night to feed. Thinking about Sean waking up when he hears her cry would make a bad night for mommy. Sean doesn't go right back to sleep like Reese does. Also, Reese is teething pretty bad. Poor thing is teething so bad her teeth are coming in so slowly. My son was a different story he already had 8 teeth by 8 months. They seemed to pop out over night. Yes, I am making up excuses, but that whole CIO method is so hard when she cries so bad that she throws up. All I can say is she falls asleep by herself just getting her to a new location is the next step.

I need to focus and get more pictures of my babies I've been terrible about it lately cause I've been doing so much work. One month 2 days till Key West. My Mother in Law and Step Father in Law are in town next week can't wait for them to meet there granddaughter. We will be hanging out on Marco Island with them since they rented a house. We'll I will blog later about our progress!

It's about 9pm and to sum up the rest of the day it went extremely well. Only one small accident which I noticed him peeing and told him no. He actually stopped peeing and we ran him to the bathroom and he finished in his Cars potty. So overall it was a sucessful day now only hope the rest of the week goes this well. Now on to editing over 600 pictures. Hope to get them all done at least by Wednesday. Maybe I might set up my Studio stuff and get some pictures of the babies. Well good night for now!
Oh yeah super super super excited about Eclipse!!!!!!!!!!

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