Monday, June 21, 2010

Grandma K & Grandpa D visit

Grandma & Grandpa came to visit this week. It was an absolute blast. A lot of 1st for the babies also. It started June 14-23rd. We pretty much packed up the house and stayed on Marco Island the entire time. They always rent a four bedroom three bath house with a pool in the backyard. I actually don't have a tons of photos cause I was enjoy myself so much.

Day One we hung out in the pool & went to the beach for a little bit. Sean was super excited about jumping in the pool with Erica & Mackayla. They played for probally over three hours.

Day Two was the pool again. I swear these kids toes are going to prune up and fall off with as long they were in the pool. Sean has a little lifejacket which helps him float a bit, but he's still a bit nervous about leaving the stairs.

Day Three was the splash pad & park & pool. The kids had such an amazing time. They were full of smiles and laughter. Reese was playing in water also. Sean finally got in the pool with his life jacket and inner tube.

Day Four was pool again. I think these kids were fish in a preivous life. My little girl is such a tad pole she loves the pool, but only if I'm holding her of course. I decided to get smart and sit in a tube & her sit on my lap it works wonders. She likes chewing on the pool toys.

Day Five we hung out in the pool & took a trip to the beach. I got some amazing Sunset pictures. I forget how beautiful the sunset can truley be. It started to lighting and thunder so we pretty much ran home.

Day Six was super Target pool. Sean got an RC car from the movie Toy Story. When we got home Reese started to crawl forwards a couple inches, but still she crawling. Oh no Mommy has a lot of baby proofing to do.

Day Seven was Father's Day, Wootens and Family Dinner pool.I had both the babies dressed in I love daddy shirts it was cute. He liked it a lot. It was the babies 1st boat ride & 1st air boat ride. Sean got to touch two alligators ages three and four years old. Reese was so relaxed on the boat ride that she fell asleep. My mom jumped in the pool fully dressed along with my Mother in law. We had yummy Chicken & Steak Fajitas, cheese dip, guca dip, and some other stuff. We had tons of laughs & just an overall great time.

Day Eight was splash pad & park, beach. I showed the Grandma so really big houses up on Indian hill on Marco and we saw a owl on the way home. He was protecting his nest. Here on Marco if there is a burrowing owl that made his nest on someone lot they can't build on it till the owls leave. It was a beautiful day at the beach. The baby fell asleep while we were shelling. Sean got so eaten up from skeeters that his right ankle swelled up so bad that I took him into the ER. He was fine the doctor gave him antibotics and benadyl. More or less he's allergic to mosquitos. Today Reese turned 8 months. Happy 8 months hunny!!

Day Nine was lots of packing. Grandma & Grandpa took Sean out shopping with Erica & Mackayla. He wasn't so good. He threw a fit in the store cause he wanted all the toys so Grandpa & him sat outside of the store. Reese and Sean took an amazing nap here pictures of them. I love a sleeping baby. We had our 1st family bed with everyone in bed besides the puupy girls! Today Sean turned 27 months. Happy 27 Months Sweetheart!

Day Ten was our sad good bye. We left early in the morning. Unpacking everything and cleaning up the house was tons of fun NOT!

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