Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reese Learned to Clap!

Little Reese learned to clap last night. It was the cutest thing ever. She was drawing on the doodle last night correctly so we clapped and said Yay to her. A couple seconds later she was clapping and saying Yay. Wow they grow up so fast. First time Sean ever clapped was during the Super Bowl two years ago.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Mini shoot with the babies :)

So I decided it was time to pull out my studio and do some pictures of Sean & Reese. It didn't go to plan cause one was crabby and the other wanted something for taking the pictures. But anyhow here you go! Reese is 9 months and Sean is 2yrs and 4 months. I can't believe how quick time flies. They are getting so big.

Nothing to new lately btw. It's been the normal day in day out kind of stuff. This past weekend I got my 1st real Mommy's & Daddy's night out. It was nothing to brag about, but it was dang nice seeing all my old friends. Adam got completely wasted glad it was him and not me. I do miss the college days and having fun. We brought up a lot of old memories from up in Gville. It was interesting actually being the sober one and watching the others make fools out of themselves! Sunday I had a maternity shoot and we basically laid around the house cause Daddy had a hangover. This week nothing crazy planned hoping to get rid of the honda soon! Excited about my girl's dinner on Thursday with a photographer friend of mines. Beyond that Happy Tuesday!



*J* Maternity Shoot

Sunday I had the pleasure with working with another mommy to be. It seems like I have booked tons of maternity these days. It was a pretty quick shoot and we got some powerful pictures. Here a sneak peek :)

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

*J* Sexy Shoot

Had the pleasure to work with an old college buddy from Gainesville this weekend. She was shy at 1st, but I swear by the end of it she knew what to do like a pro. I really hope her husband enjoys these amazing pictures. Of course we gotten eatten up by skeeters, but hey at least it was at the end of the shoot. Here a sneak peek :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sean 27 months

Sean is turning 2yrs and 4 months. Potty training is going amazing. Only two accidents this week. He actually kicks me out of the bathroom and closes the door behide me. He speech is getting more clear and increasing by the day. I read him a book the other night in his crib and he actually was repeating the words to me.
Sean isn't to excited about Sissy being able to get into his toys. In this picture he is trying to pick up all his toys so his sister wont touch them. All you hear from him is "Me Sissy" "Me Sissy". He even take toys from his sister hands that aren't even his. It's acutally pretty funny if he notice his sister going after a toy he'll grab it and throw it down the hall or in his crib. I'm working on sharing. It's going, but not very fast.

Here a good example of him sharing with his sissy.

I can't get a good picture of the two of them that day. They are stinkers!

Took them outside hoping to get some picture, but instead Sean decided to throw sand at sissy! Bug a lou has been a little out of place lately you know the fun terrible two's. We have a shoe horn which I call the whacking stick. He striaghtens out so fast it's awesome. I haven't used it on him, but instead whack the couch or the table with it. When I was little it was called the hinny whacker. Again, Don't judge I do use time outs and also counting to ten, but this is how I teach my kids.

If you ever notice I have more pictures of Reese then Sean because I can't get him to smile or even look at the camera. I try to get him doing his own thing and he gets up and walks away two year olds :) He was super excited about his sister sleeping in his room.

Reese 8 months

Reese is going to be 8 months old next week. I can't bare to think about how big she is getting. This is a picture of her playing in the grass of course it goes straight to the mouth yummy!

To bad the afternoon showers pulled through that she couldn't play much longer. She was all over the place outside.

Her new favorite room. She loves playing with all Sean's toys. She been crawling everywhere and anywhere. She getting quicker too.

She also started to pull herself up on the couches already it's nuts how much she wants to walk. Thank goodness she hasn't started standing yet cause I know I'm in trouble.

She has tons of personality and it's still coming out. She loves blowing kisses it's the cutest thing ever.

What!?! Your making me sleep in my crib tonight. Yes you heard that right, I'm not asking you to judge me; Reese has been sleeping in my bed since she was born. I'm the lightest sleeper you'll ever met. I can hear when the sink is dripping in the bathroom. Also, I'm still breastfeed and she wakes up at least twice a night. Having two crabby babies just didn't make sense to me since there cribs are in the same room. Now that she can crawl and we had the extra money to get her a crib set it was more then time. She got this really cute Pink & Brown pasiley crib set.
It 1st night went amazing. She use to fall asleep by herself on my king size bed. She only woke up once which she was hungry so once she was full I laid her back down in her crib without a problem. She an early bird so when she woke up at 7am I took her into my bed so Sean can finish sleeping. He's sleeps in late just like his Mommy. Reese actually went back to sleep this morning and woke up at 9am.
Little miss princess has been giving me a run for my money lately. She hates baby food and wants big people food so bad. I've been giving her table food, but she takes forever to eat it. She hate formula which I actually don't blame her that stuff stinks!!! Reese is drinking from a sippy cup just juice but it's something :)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Reese is crawling!!!!

Reese is Crawling and she 8 months old. Yes you just saw her do the splits she really flexable I might have to enroll her in gymnastic or something. In no time she'll be walking. She getting so big!

Key West Florida Trip

Thursday we headed down to the keys. Everything and anything happen to go wrong before we left. From new back tires, to not enough room for all the bags. Adam & I were a little on edge before leaving. Once on the road everything got so much better. Babies did amazing on the trip down there. We stop at Robbie's Hungry Tarpoon to let Sean feed the Tarpoon they were huge. Finally a total of 5 hours car trip we made it. The hotel wasn't at all what we thought it would be, but we made the best of it. Thursday we walked down duvall street and got some huge cookies.

Sean slept in the pac n play and Reese slept between Adam & I. Friday we headed off to Zachary Thomas State Park which is a beautiful beach down there. We had hot dogs on the grill while we were there.

We all came back to the motel a bit pink. We tried to get the babies to take naps, but instead end up just hanging out for a bit. We had dinner at the hard rock cafe and went to mallory square. I was actually pretty upset how it's turned out. Only a couple years ago Mallory was packed with acts after acts and tons of vendors also. This year almost nothing.

Sean threw a huge fit so Adam, Me, Reese & Sean all went home. They both cried all the way home. Both babies fell asleep really quick that night. Saturday we decided to take it easy go down duvall check out some shops and hang out. Mom, Alan, Jess & I later that day went and raced at a nascar game store that was fun. I came in 3rd. Saturday night we walked down duvall.

Sunday it was pack up and leave day so sad :( Babies were super cranky all the way home. It's nice to be home I know I missed my bed. I think we might not be going to Key West for a while till the babies are a bit bigger. Next year it's Disney here we come Mickey Mouse!!!

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