Monday, July 12, 2010

Key West Florida Trip

Thursday we headed down to the keys. Everything and anything happen to go wrong before we left. From new back tires, to not enough room for all the bags. Adam & I were a little on edge before leaving. Once on the road everything got so much better. Babies did amazing on the trip down there. We stop at Robbie's Hungry Tarpoon to let Sean feed the Tarpoon they were huge. Finally a total of 5 hours car trip we made it. The hotel wasn't at all what we thought it would be, but we made the best of it. Thursday we walked down duvall street and got some huge cookies.

Sean slept in the pac n play and Reese slept between Adam & I. Friday we headed off to Zachary Thomas State Park which is a beautiful beach down there. We had hot dogs on the grill while we were there.

We all came back to the motel a bit pink. We tried to get the babies to take naps, but instead end up just hanging out for a bit. We had dinner at the hard rock cafe and went to mallory square. I was actually pretty upset how it's turned out. Only a couple years ago Mallory was packed with acts after acts and tons of vendors also. This year almost nothing.

Sean threw a huge fit so Adam, Me, Reese & Sean all went home. They both cried all the way home. Both babies fell asleep really quick that night. Saturday we decided to take it easy go down duvall check out some shops and hang out. Mom, Alan, Jess & I later that day went and raced at a nascar game store that was fun. I came in 3rd. Saturday night we walked down duvall.

Sunday it was pack up and leave day so sad :( Babies were super cranky all the way home. It's nice to be home I know I missed my bed. I think we might not be going to Key West for a while till the babies are a bit bigger. Next year it's Disney here we come Mickey Mouse!!!

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