Monday, July 5, 2010

Reese 1st 4th of July

Today is my baby girl 1st fourth of July. She is so cute in her matching family shirt with a red ribbon in her hair. This will be Sean's 3rd 4th of July. We woke up late enjoyed laying around and having family time. Daddy got us Donuts :) After the babies took a nap we headed over to Jen & Scott for a big family BBQ. Sean & Emry got into an ice fight on the patio throwing ice at everyone. There little hands were so pink by the time we stop them. Little Reese had an amazing time.

After eating the best BBQ we headed off to Marco for fireworks then more fireworks. Sean & Reese couldn't keep there eyes off of the fireworks on the beach. We decided to park a church and watch from a far which work wonders cause we didn't have to sit in traffic. Then Adam, Josh, Jess & Alan decided to get crazy with some fireworks. Alan was lighting bottle rockets and shooting them at them. Sean got really scared of the noise. We got home pretty late and I will say the babies did amazing. Can't wait for Vacation in 3 days!!! Reese learned to wave also at Jessie it was the sweetest thing ever totally melts ur heart. Well back to car shopping, but I'll stop in and say hello.



ps here some one year pictures of Marley

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