Friday, July 16, 2010

Sean 27 months

Sean is turning 2yrs and 4 months. Potty training is going amazing. Only two accidents this week. He actually kicks me out of the bathroom and closes the door behide me. He speech is getting more clear and increasing by the day. I read him a book the other night in his crib and he actually was repeating the words to me.
Sean isn't to excited about Sissy being able to get into his toys. In this picture he is trying to pick up all his toys so his sister wont touch them. All you hear from him is "Me Sissy" "Me Sissy". He even take toys from his sister hands that aren't even his. It's acutally pretty funny if he notice his sister going after a toy he'll grab it and throw it down the hall or in his crib. I'm working on sharing. It's going, but not very fast.

Here a good example of him sharing with his sissy.

I can't get a good picture of the two of them that day. They are stinkers!

Took them outside hoping to get some picture, but instead Sean decided to throw sand at sissy! Bug a lou has been a little out of place lately you know the fun terrible two's. We have a shoe horn which I call the whacking stick. He striaghtens out so fast it's awesome. I haven't used it on him, but instead whack the couch or the table with it. When I was little it was called the hinny whacker. Again, Don't judge I do use time outs and also counting to ten, but this is how I teach my kids.

If you ever notice I have more pictures of Reese then Sean because I can't get him to smile or even look at the camera. I try to get him doing his own thing and he gets up and walks away two year olds :) He was super excited about his sister sleeping in his room.

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