Saturday, October 23, 2010

Reese 1st Birthday!!!!

I can't believe I'm saying this but Reese turned one thursday! She woke up in a great mood. I hung up streamers and filled up balloons the night before. Did up her chair so it was wrapped in pink streamers. The morning of her birthday we made sure to say happy birthday a billion times. Even her brother tried to sing happy birthday to her. I let her open one present because I had to wait for the rest of them later cause Daddy was in Oklahoma City taking his UPS driving test which he passed with flying colors. A bit later I headed out to work also so she hung out with Grandma till I got home. Daddy was here before I got home so we took her in the front yard and tried to get some pictures in her Petti Skirt. She was sooo cute. Smiling and just ready to take pictures. When I brought her in the hosue I tried to take off her skirt and she actually cried and was really angry. So I put it back on and she was fine. I tried again to take it off and she took it out fo my hands and hugged it real tight. LOL Guess she really is a princess. We had hot dogs for dinner and after that we sat in the front yard watching her smash her cake. She was really lady like to start with. After cake she took a quick shower and got into so jammies. It was now opening presents time. Sean helped his sister open her presents quicker. Sissy would only grab a piece of paper and stare at it. Reese made out like a bandit! Her favorite toy of the night was a dino walker. She was a pro after a while. I will post the youtube video later. Thursday she decided to stand up a lot with out holding on. It should be any day now that she starts walking!!!!

Happy birthday Sweetheart. I can't believe your already one!!!

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