Saturday, October 16, 2010

Oklahoma trip & camping Sept 2010

Jackson Family Reunion out in Boiling springs. We had a blast. This was how we got the baby around a wheelbarrel. LOL.

I let her play in the dirt and she had it everywhere and eating it too. So, Mommy decided the playpen was a better solution.
Sean loved running through the 5 feet tall weeds!

Always has a leg up. LOL Sissy!!!

Grandpa carrying around Bubba!

The cabins we stayed in and it's was baby Reese 1st time Camping also.

Isn't it pretty!!!

Daddy & Sean marching through the weeds.

Sean & Erica playing at Crystal Beach.

Sean stopping to smile for me FINALLY!!!!

She such a ham! She didn't like swinging.

Daddy & Sean sliding down the slide.

Reese & Daddy swinging!!

Look at that tongue as he squeezes through this tunnel thing LOL.

Morning of our road trip in Mississippi.

Sean playing with the stick at a Mississippi Rest stop.

Reese Chowing down on fruit loops :)

Range Rover of Apollo 13 at the rest stop.

I love breakfast in the park :)

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